detoxprogramWe believe that a therapeutic detoxification program should be done under a physician’s supervision to ensure appropriate and adequate support and detoxification stimulation. Our Detoxification Program includes: Diet Plan, Supplementation, Physical Medicine, Acupuncture, and Intravenous (IV) Glutathione. Our Diet Plan lasts from two to four weeks and is individualized to your specific needs. It is restrictive and includes non-allergenic, natural, and whole foods only. We make specific recommendations for foods as well as supplementation that include nutrients and botanical medicines that facilitate key biochemical processes in the liver, one of our main organs of detoxification. Recommendations for physical medicine include sauna, steam, hydrotherapy, and exercise, once again tailored to your needs. Acupuncture treatments that follow protocols designed by the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association ( are performed by our physicians who are also acupuncturists, specifically training in these treatments. We are pleased to offer intravenous (IV) glutathione therapy as an adjunct treatment in our detoxification program. Glutathione is a potent antioxidant critical for proper functioning of liver detoxification. Detox for Health and Longevity!